Features designed to lower costs, increase performance, and keep you connected to your business.

UniLinc Control Panel

UniLinc is a complete On-Premise Laundry control system that gathers commercial laundry machine performance and maintenance data in order to best maximize its efficiency. With wireless networking, you can do it all remotely again saving time and money.

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TotalVue on Laptop

TotalVue gives managers and executives complete visibility to key performance statistics in their commercial laundry operation - from individual machines to operations spanning multiple locations. TotalVue's easy-to-set-up, easy-to-access and easy-to-use monitoring and management tool allows managers and executives to quickly and easily measure critical performance indicators with up-to-the-minute details.

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OptiSpray on Commercial Washer

Available on all UniLinc cycles, the industry-leading OPTispray Rinsing Technology takes efficiency to a whole new level as it saves water, reduces cycle time and provides superior rinsing. OPTispray users get more done with less money and in less time.

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OptiDry enhanced dryer illustration

OPTidry Over-Dry Prevention Technology is a cutting-edge solution featuring sensors that run the entire length of the commercial tumble dryer lifter. The sensors connect to a revolutionary rotary transfer switch that automatically stops a dryer tumbler once it reaches its preset level of dryness throughout the entire load.

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Maytag Connect 360 illustration

Maytag Connect 360 allows facility owners to manage multiple aspects of their business from a single web portal, including remote diagnosis and end-user alerts. Maytag Connect 360 allows owners to keep an eye on profits from anywhere, at anytime. We're offering yet another way to reduce downtime, increase profits and attract today's technically savvy customers all while simplifying operations for a commercial laundry facility owner.

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