OPTispray by UniMac

The industry-leading OPTispray Rinsing Washer Technology takes efficiency to a whole new level as it saves water, reduces cycle time and provides superior rinsing. Available on all UniLinc cycles, OPTispray users get more done with less money and in less time.

Unlike standard bath rinses used by competitors, which simply dilute wash chemistry, OPTispray uses spray-rinsing power to pull wash chemistry through the load and down the drain, basically working as a shower for the linens. The spray rinse carries away dirt and chemicals, leaving less residue behind while producing far superior results than a traditional bath rinse.

Optispray by UniMac

Available on all UniLinc cycles.

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Saves Water. Rinses Better. Max Throughput.

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OPTispray Washing Technology offers the following benefits: