Front Control Dryers
by Speed Queen

Speed Queen’s dryer, defined by its simplicity and its performance, provides everything you need to get the job done - and nothing you don’t. Speed Queen’s single load dryers combine heavy-duty construction with reliable operation proven to stand the test of time. They’re designed with less moving parts for one reason: so you’ll face fewer maintenance problems and less wear and tear down the road. Speed Queen’s dryers provide the perfect balance of heat, airflow and tumble action for optimal performance and efficiency. Front load products have met every design standard to be 100% ADA compliant.

Key Features

  • ADA Compliant
  • 220 CFM Airflow, 0.33 HP Motor
  • Three Year Parts Warranty


Model Feature Brochure
SDENCAGS173TW01 Electric Dryer, Coin Drop download
SDGNCAGS113TW01 Gas Dryer, Coin Drop download
SDENYAGS173TW01 Electric Dryer, Prep for Card download
SDGNYAGS113TW01 Gas Dryer, Prep for Card download

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